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Advocacy has no age limit.™

The statistics are scary:

But everyone can help!

KATE Gilman Williams

Meet the Founder

At age 7 Kate went on safari in South Africa. Kate learned from her game driver, Michelle Campbell, about African animals, their habitats, and the dangers they face from humans every single day. Kate could not believe that humans were killing animals for sport and for body parts. Kate decided to take action.

Over the next 5 years, Kate wrote a book, partnered with Project 15 from Microsoft, created a song and a music video, and became the first Youth Ambassador for Born Free USA to help inspire her generation to advocate for endangered animals.

Kate founded Kids Can Save Animals to help her generation turn their natural love for animals and the planet into advocacy.

Join the club. Join the movement. Discover how your voice can be the voice for the voiceless.

How can I help?

3 ways to take action now to help save endangered animals:


Can a song help save endangered animals? This one can!


Technology is saving animals, from drones to artificial intelligence!


Get loud! Our generation has the the power to stand up for what is right.


Music can be used as a tool to spread awareness!


The Song

Kate partnered with Austin based singer and songwriter Jenn Hartmann Luck to create a song, a music video and of course – a TikTok dance!

When you download Kids Can Save Animals 15% goes to an organization called Re:wild where Leonardo DiCaprio is the Founding Board Member.

Why 15% – because we lose one elephant from our planet every 15 minutes. It’s time to change this. Download now!


Music Video

Watch the official music video for “Kids Can Save Animals” by Jenn Hartmann Luck ft. Kate Gilman Williams!


TikTok Dance Challenge

Dance and music can be used as a tool to spread awareness! Watch and learn the KSCA dance. Post your version and be sure to tag @kidscansaveanimals in your caption!


Technology is saving animals and nobody learns technology faster than a teenager!


Club 15: Drones

Drones are used to count, study, and protect animals.

Visit Club 15 to meet famous conservationists, technologists, and advocates who made a career out of saving animals! Watch the Club 15 episodes and learn from experts how technology is supporting wildlife conservation!



The same technology used on the ground by rangers in Africa. Coding and programming are shaping the foundation and future of animal conservation, and it is never too early to start.

Visit GitHub and teach your computer how to see!

Project 15 from Microsoft

Microsoft IoT solutions architect Sarah Maston co-founded Project 15 with Daisuke Nakahara to help protect and preserve our natural world. 


Be a voice for the voiceless.


Raise Your Voice

Kids and teens can be told their being too loud sometimes. Just wait until they hear us roar!

Watch this video of Virginia McKenna, Founder of the Born Free Foundation, explain how she believes our generation has the power to save animals by raising our voices!


Club 15: Born Free USA

We can determine where tourism dollars are spent. Say “no” to visiting any place that uses animals for human entertainment.

Watch this episode to learn how Born Free USA works on a global scale to keep animals wild and free. 

Watch these 2 episodes to learn more about animal sanctuaries!

kcsa podcast


Club 15 - Advocacy Has No Age Limits

Kate partnered with Sarah Maston, Founder of Project 15 from Microsoft, to launch Club 15 – named so because we lose one elephant from our planet every 15 minutes.

It is up to Kate’s generation to save wildlife and wild spaces, and on her Club 15 podcast, you hear from legends in the field of conservation and technology who understand this urgency. Renowned guests include: Virginia McKenna, Yoko Watanabe, Eric Dinerstein, Fatema Hamdani and Petronel Nieuwoudt.

Join Club 15

Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its tusk.

The extension and interpretation of Project 15 from Microsoft. Club 15 is an online community where you can learn how to take action and watch videos featuring famous conservationists.

We may be young, but age does not define our impact.  To make a difference, we simply need to take action.

Ghost Elephant
Let's Go On Safari Book


We wrote a book

Kate and Michelle teamed up to write “Let’s Go On Safari” to spread awareness about animal conservation, life in the African bush, and inspire people everywhere to advocate for animals facing extinction.

100% of sales are donated to The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the Jane Goodall Institute, and Global Wildlife Conservation for animal protection and anti-poaching efforts.

Kids Can Save Animals

A message from Kate

When I was on my book tour in 2019, I met kids from all over.  Two emotions were consistent – love and anger.  I noticed a pattern when I was talking to them:

“We love animals!  How can humans kill animals? This is wrong.”

“I didn’t know I could be an animal advocate!”

I founded Kids Can Save Animals to help my generation turn their natural love for animals and our planet into advocacy.  I believe that advocacy has no age limit.  And the truth is, it is up to my generation to fix big things.  So let’s go!



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