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Club 15

The mission of Club 15 is to inspire and empower kids to mend our planet 15 minutes at a time.

What is Club 15?

If kids are given the tools and the opportunity to learn, then our generation can become part of the solution. Club 15 is an online community where we can learn how to take action to help solve global sustainability issues around the world.

Club 15 is the extension and interpretation of Project 15 from Microsoft.

Be a hero. Join Club 15.

The Clubhouse

Check out the Club 15 episodes below and become an advocate!

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The most famous elephant sanctuary on the planet for rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orphaned elephants back into the wild!
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Dr. Eric Dinerstein from RESOLVE

Kate sits down with Dr. Eric Dinerstein, the scientist who is creating technology to map a global safety net to save our Earth.
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Drones Can Save Lives – Meet Fatema Hamdani

Fatema Hamdani is the woman in aerospace making and deploying next level drones that save lives, save animals, and collect data in the stratosphere.
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Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary – Club 15

The most famous and the most secret rhino sanctuary located somewhere in South Africa!
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Born Free USA

Dr. Tyson gives us special access to the largest monkey sanctuary in the US, located in south Texas.
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Founder of Project 15 from Microsoft Sarah Maston

Sarah Maston created Project 15 because we lose one elephant from our planet every 15 minutes. It's up to our generation to change this. Sarah believes we can.
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Author and Animal Advocate Stuart Gibbs

Stuart Gibbs weaves conservation and science facts into all of his books and is a true animal advocate. You will learn so much about him - even see his very first story from kindergarten - in this incredible episode!
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Michelle Campbell

Wild Wonderful World

It's more than a safari with Wild Wonderful World - it's a conservation experience that will change your life.
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Microsoft IoT Inventor Daisuke Nakahara​

Daisuke Nakahara has invented things you use every single day. He is an IoT (Internet of Things) Architect who solves complex problems.
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The Red Panda Network

Sonam introduces us to the Red Panda, who is facing extinction because of habitat loss, the illegal pet trade, and poaching.
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Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision with Henk Boelman

Henk Boelman (Microsoft) specializes in the coolest aspect of technology that is saving species - artificial intelligence!
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Video Games can Impact Conservation – Meet Gautam Shah

In the past 40 years, the world has lost 50% of its wildlife. How does Gautam get kids to be a part of this solution? Through gaming!
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Learn computer vision

Coding and programming are shaping the foundation and future of animal conservation, and it is never too early to start! Visit our GitHub page to get started. 

The backstory

Project 15 from Microsoft

When she learned that the planet loses an elephant every 15 minutes, Microsoft IoT solutions architect Sarah Maston co-founded Project 15 with Daisuke Nakahara to help save them.

The goal of Project 15 is to reduce costs and complexity and rapidly decrease time to deployment for organizations and scientific teams working on solutions to protect and preserve our natural world. 

Sarah Maston working on a tech diagram
Daisuke working

The backstory

Kate meets Sarah

Kate learned about Project 15 from Microsoft on a televised fundraiser called Endangered Rangers. She reached out to Sarah with her idea:

Create a club to share knowledge and create a spark of curiosity and awareness. A club where all are welcome. A club to inspire kids to take action.

Kate on Endangered Rangers poster
Endangered Rangers

When I first met Kate, she made three very important points in her pitch:

  • It will fall on her generation to fix the Earth.
  • If you wait until I’m older, there will be nothing left to save.
  • Given the opportunity, my generation will be part of the solution.

She has a point.

—Sarah Maston, Microsoft