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Get involved!

We share this ecosystem with animals and their existence is vital for this planet. It is our moral duty to speak up for our voiceless friends. Find out how you can get involved!

Make a difference

Organizations around the world are fighting to make a positive influence every day. Learn what they are doing and how you can help!

Adopt an animal

Adopt an elephant from The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a rhino from Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, a monkey from Born Free USA, or a red panda from Red Panda Network

Did you know?

There are plenty of ways you can be involved to help make a positive impact, regardless of your age! 

Quarters for Koalas​​

Start your own campaign!

Fires raged throughout Australia in 2020, burning through most of the continent and killing 1 billion animals, leaving many kangaroos and koalas homeless. Kate launched Quarters for Koalas at Trinity Episcopal School in Austin, Texas by encouraging her fellow classmates to donate quarters. The money raised will support The Adelaide Koala Rescue (AKR)​ in Adelaide, Australia. Kate’s presentation has everything you need to start a Quarters for Koalas Campaign at your school! This presentation can help you get your friends and classmates excited about saving koalas! Thank you for being an animal advocate, and remember – advocacy has no age limit!

Koala sleeping